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we are a diverse community

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NO Justice, no peace

As a community we are committed to reflecting on the ways that prejudice, privilege, and power have divided our church and communities, particularly, along the lines of race. We will prayerfully seek where we need to repent on issues both historic and recent, both deliberate, and those that have unintentionally caused harm.

We will not just tolerate difference, but we will actively seek out and celebrate diversity, recognising it as a gift from God and a fuller picture of the body of Christ we are called to be in Furzedown. We will challenge ourselves to practise unity in both our hospitality and in our personal connections with one another.

We recognise the racial diversity of God’s word and Church history, and the role minorities have played in carrying the covenant promises of God through exile and oppression. We will work to represent this story in our art, resources, worship, discipleship and leadership.

We believe that a diverse leadership that reflects the congregation, enhances both our worship and witness, and we will seek to grow inclusive teams across the breadth of our shared life. We will recognise more fully the call and challenges of our brothers and sisters who experience racism in our mission, ministry and leadership.

We will seek to be a prophetic voice against prejudice in all its forms, as we believe the image of God in every person calls us to action. We will use our voice, our role, and our resources to bring positive change, both inside our organisation and in the wider community.

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