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garden of discovery 

The Garden of Discovery is a landscaped community space created in 2013 on reclaimed grounds on the corner of Welham and Penwortham Roads. It is maintained by volunteers and is open to the local community as a safe, peaceful, child-friendly space.

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Being adjacent to Penwortham School it is also used as a meeting space for parents with children, by local children’s nurseries, and by families living in accommodation with no outside play space. During the vaccination programme, the garden is used as the exit point from the adjacent community hall that serves as the main local vaccination centre.

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The garden holds within it a Covid-19 Memorial seating area, a very special and quiet space. It includes a beautiful handcrafted bench with a plaque that recognises the impact of the pandemic emergency on the local community.

As well as honouring those whose lives have been lost to Covid-19,

it also recognises the courage and sacrifice of the many medical, school and care staff, plus other key workers living nearby.

This area has been able to be developed thanks to the generosity of many individual donors and The Greyswood Practice.

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